Progettazione Software e Firmware

Offriamo progettazione di software per PC su vari sistemi operativi e progettazione di firmware per sistemi embedded, da piccole routines in assembly a soluzioni complete di firmware per l’industria e le telecomunicazioni.


  • Telecomunicazioni
  • Elettronica industriale
  • Marina
  • Automotive
  • Robotica
  • Moduli Cpu
  • Gestionale

Esperti in:

  • Architetture
  • Gestionali
  • Drivers
  • Testing: On emulators & actual hardware platforms
  • Board support packages (BSPs)
  • Porting di sistemi operativi
  • Sviluppo di applicazioni
  • Micro-codici
  • Algoritmi


Caratteristica Capacità
Board support packages (BSPs) Processors: ARM, Freescale, ATMEL, Microchip.
Sitemi operativi Embedded Linux, WinCE and proprietary kernels.
Drivers Communication: Ethernet, USB (host and client), I2C,IrDA
Storage: Compact Flash, EEPROM, NAND & NOR Flash, SD card, MMC & HDQ.
Display systems: LCD, LED & Graphics Controller (VGA).
I/O Devices: DAC, GPIO, Joystick.
Others: DMA, Interrupt controller, Serial port, UART, Timer, GPS driver, Power Management, DSP link.
Protocol stacks Data Link Layer: ARP, PPP
Network Layer: ICMP, IP v4&v6, RIP2 & IPv6, RIPng for IP v6 & VRRP
Routing Layer: STP, BGP-4, EGP, OSPF & HSRP
Session Layer: DNS
Application Layer: BOOTP, DHCP,TFTP, POP3, SMTP, SNMP,
Network Management Agent: SNMP V1, V2, V3.
Diagnostica POST, Prototype debugging & production diagnostics
Linguaggi Assembly, C, C++, C#, VB, HTML & XML


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